This list has NOT yet been updated for the 2020-2021 season

we have something for everyone

The classroom areas are shared by the VDO PC Group and the Mac Group and offer fast, reliable fiber optic Internet service.

Registration for classes is Monday mornings 10:00-11:30 am in the PC Computer Lab (be sure to check the Calendar for possible Registration closures.)

Mac Group classes for iPad/iPhone will be held every Tuesday 9:00-Noon and 1:00-4:00 pm.

Listed are brief descriptions for each of the classes offered in the 2019-2020 season.  Students should read the course description before enrolling to ensure you meet the prerequisites and bring any requested information or equipment to the class.

Classes are primarily taught by members of the VDO PC Group and the Mac Computer Group……..your neighbors.  We are not able to cover all topics requested.  A list of free self-study referrals are at the bottom of this webpage.

Register for classes:

  • The PC Computer Club requires advance class registration for most classes
  • Class limit is usually 11 students
  • Handouts are printed in advance
  • We will contact students if a class must be rescheduled or cancelled.
  • Most classes have a $5 registration fee. The registration fee will be returned to you upon attendance at the class.  You will lose your registration fee if you DO NOT attend the class.
  • Register for classes Monday morning 10:00-11:30 am in the PC Room (be sure to check the Calendar for possible Registration closures.)


Classes for 2019-2020

Note:  Students should review the course description before enrolling to ensure you meet the prerequisites and bring any requested information or equipment to the class.












Registration fee $5

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that is widely used to help people analyze data in a systemic manner.  Subject matter on this basic course will include the following:

  • Identify various sections of the Excel program
  • Input data to a worksheet
  • Use some basic formula in a worksheet
  • Format data (color, decimals)
  • Copy and paste data into a worksheet
  • Sort data in a worksheet
  • Design a basic worksheet

Applicable for all levels

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Registration fee $5

Windows 10 comes with many short cuts and useful apps including Paint program, 3-D Paint and one that lets you clip out what you see on your screen and another to connect your phone to your computer.  One will even give you access to characters that are not on your keyboard.  There is also a file shredder app.  We will look into many of these as well as some of the keyboard shortcut that can save you time and effort.  Bring your laptop if you have one.

Best for Windows 10 users

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the study of family pedigrees

Beginning and Beyond Genealogy (Registration fee $5) first class of the month

  • Introduction to the recording of your family history using a computer program
  • Learn the basics of record keeping, research and documentation
  • Introduction to three software programs:  Family Tree maker, Legacy and Roots Magic
  • It will be mostly lecture with some hands on

A working knowledge of the computer and Internet is required.

You DO NOT need to bring your computer.


Let’s Explore Software Programs (Registration fee $5) second class of the month

  • Family Tree maker, Legacy and Roots Magic are software programs that are popular
  • Each separate class will introduce you to the individual software.
    • January – FTM, February – Legacy, March – Roots Magic
  • Increase your knowledge of that program
  • Share tips and experience using that program

You may bring your computer with your software.

You may bring information you want to enter into your program


Special Topics (Registration fee $5) third class of the month

  • Each month a topic of interest will be taught
  • Topics vary from month to month and year to year based on interest of the students
  • Past topics have included:
    • Family relationships and how to enter them
    • Photos and how to save and move them
    • Information obtained from census sheets
  • January will be “Making and Using Files for Genealogy”
  • February and March TBA (watch the bulletin board for updates)


Genealogy Help/Workshop (Registration fee $5) Fourth class of the month

This workshop time will be devoted to working on your family records and tree.  Bring your computer and whatever information that you have.  We will work together and help each other with research and problems.  It will be a chance to learn from each other.

Field Trip

This is a field trip to the Family Search Library in Mesa.  We will spend 4-6 hours researching our own information with the help of the staff at the library.  It will be in February or March.  The cost will be for transportation.


Genealogy Club – $1 fee/meeting to cover club supply costs

This is a club for all those interested in genealogy whether beginners or seasoned researchers.  We meet twice a month, January, February and March on Friday afternoon at 1:00 pm in the Monterey Room.  See the bulletin board by the computer room for dates, times and topics.  We have discussions, speakers, forums and fun.

Prerequisite:  Intermediate computer skills including use of the Internet

Best for experienced

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Registration fee $5

Learn what the Cloud is, learn what different Cloud storages are available, how to determine which Cloud service to use, costs if any and how to save your file to the Cloud.


Best for beginners or intermediates

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(part 1 of 2)

Registration fee $5

This class is the first of a two-part series and is taught using the classroom PC’s so that everyone is using the same setup.  We will discuss the overall look and appearance of Windows 10, new features, use of the taskbar and start menu and navigation through common tasks.  We’ll also explain how to access File Explorer to find your own records, using the Edge browser and how to connect to WiFi.

NOTE:  This class DOES NOT address how to convert from earlier Windows versions or pro’s/con’s of converting.

Prerequisite:  none

Applicable for all levels

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Free self-study courses

Photoshop Basics

Email Basics


Blog Basics

Computer Skills (Basic)

Mouse Tutorial

Introduction to Word 2007

Digital Photography (Introduction)

Image Editing 101

eBay – Shopping and Selling Online

Kindle and Kindle Fire

There are many versions of Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fire tablets.  Clicking on this link takes you to Amazon Kindle support where you can select the device you own and get to a listing of “how to’s” and YouTube videos.

Transferring Photos from Phone/Tablet to Windows PC:

Using a USB Flash Drive

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Registration fee $5

The goal of this class is to assist people who have a Facebook account but want to become more familiar with Facebook security issues and how to adjust personal settings with security and privacy as priorities.  Students need to bring their Facebook username and password so they can login using the classroom PC’s and view their own account and newsfeed.  This is a “hands-on” class, not a lecture.  The instructor will demonstrate using the LCD screens in the room but students will each use a classroom PC to follow and practice.

  • How to adjust settings to control who gets to see your posts (friends only, friends-of-friends, the public)
  • How to protect your account from being cloned (where an anonymous person duplicates your account and send messages to your friends)
  • How to unfriend someone, how to block individuals from seeing your account or sending you messages
  • How to refine your newsfeed and screen annoyances
  • How to change to a different, more secure Facebook password

Prerequisite:  Attendee must have  Facebook and email account and be able to use an Internet browser and a mouse to navigate through the Facebook website.

Best for anyone

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internet safety and virtual private network

Registration fee $5

Learn to safely use the Internet and keep your personal information and money safe from the crooks.  We will teach you to spot and and avoid email scammers, hackers, online cons, viruses and a host of other tips to keep you safe when using your computer, cell phone or tablet.  Since this is a lecture course you skill level with a computer or cell phone is not a factor.  Course materials will be provided.  Be safe and don’t get your name on the Dark Web for the crooks to find.

Students will learn:

  • Mobile Security – tips for being safe on your digital devices and use of public WiFi
  • Virus – what viruses are, how they work and how to avoid
  • Hacking – what it is and how to avoid
  • Pfishing – how scammers operate
  • Ransomeware – how it works and how to avoid
  • Scare Tactics – email, web and telephone:  (example IRS scam)
  • Security Updates – importance and computer settings
  • Antivirus programs – free programs vs paid systems
  • Safe web surfing – best settings and non tracking options of browsers
  • Passwords – creating unique, strong passwords for each of your online accounts.
  • Virtual Private Network – use VPN to protect your privacy, movements and transactions.

Applicable for all levels

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Registration fee $5

This class is targeted to beginners and it includes:

  • A tour of the device and explain the use of switches and common touch gestures
  • How to connect to WiFi for Internet access
  • How to check for software updates
  • Explain Apple Store accounts vs iCloud accounts
  • Tour the basics of using email.  You must have your Apple account password handy to use during class and your email password if your email is not already setup
  • How to backup your device
  • Learn how to select and download an app to your device

You must have your Apple account password handy to use during class and your email password if you email is not already setup.

Prerequisite:  Any iPad or IPhone with current software and bring all your passwords for Apple, iCloud and email accounts.

Best for beginners

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Registration fee $5

Part 2 of iPad / iPhone continues your basic orientation by focusing on using the Safari Internet browser, how to take and save photos, and how to attach photos to an email.  Students must complete Part One before taking Part Two because you need familiarity and practice with using touch gestures, connecting to WiFi, finding setting adjustments and receiving/sending basic emails.  Please bring a stylus to class to help with touch gestures on a small screen and/or using multiple screens in the Internet browser.

  • A tour of the Safari Internet browser
  • How to save favorites (bookmarks) in your browser
  • Browser password tracking
  • Basic use of built-in device camera
  • Basic use of the Photos app to view, edit and organize your photos
  • Brief discussion on transferring photos to PC

Prerequisite:  Any iPad or iPhone with current software with your email already setup, your Apple password and a stylus or Apple Pencil if you use either of those.

Best for beginners or intermediates

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(part 2 of 2)

Registration fee $5

This class is the second of a two-part series – you must attend Part 1 before taking this course. 

The main goals of this class are to demonstrate how to adjust the taskbar, settings, start menu and Internet browser in order to personalize your laptop to your needs and preferences.  There will be detailed walk-thru of the Settings app.

Please arrive 15 minutes early to connect your laptop to electric, connect to the Internet, and log into Windows 10.

Please bring the following to class:

  • Your laptop and power cord
  • Mouse
  • Your Microsoft login username and password
  • Your mobile hotspot if you use one

Prerequisite:  Windows 10 Introduction class (Part 1) and the equipment listed above.

Applicable for all levels

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